A Wandering We Will Go

Welcome to the Underwater Wanderer blog…. Please make yourself at home!

A wise dive travel guru once told me, in so many words, where ever you wanted to go, it was only really  a hop, skip,and a jump away, if you thought about it the right way. Also, if you go to far away places, you’re less likely to bump into everyone you know from home. The nice thing about exploring underwater, as almost any diver will tell you, that with two thirds of the planet underwater, you have lots and lots of options available for travel.

Why travel far away from home? Why not!

Life is about experiences, and the best value for your dollar spent is on memories. New toys often fade quickly in both there actual value, and the value you place on them, but the experiences of our lifetime, the memorable trips, the memorable dives, are both priceless and timeless. They are always with you.

My goal here is to share my experiences new and old, share some of my efforts at taking pictures, and encourage people to make that hop, skip, and jump to take their next diving adventure, next travel adventure, or at least come along for the ride here on the Underwater Wanderer page for the next “trip of a lifetime”.